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I am all of those things, and yet none. My status as a lady can be questioned as I am dead, as can my label of ‘traitor’ now that I have paid for those crimes. Whore? Well, I am flirt, I will admit, and I always run the risk of being called that. This leaves ‘mistress’. I was that; Roger of Conté’s mistress and green-eyed plaything, devoted to him and his ambitions to and beyond his death.

For a while, I thought...I thought that if I am anyone’s mistress now, I am my own.

I know better, now.

Delia of Eldorne has two main vanities: her thick, dark chestnut hair and her distinctive bright-green eyes. Standing at nearly 5’5, with a pert nose and naturally red mouth, she has the kind of delicate and wide-eyed beauty that inspires men to fight over her - literally, given her Court background. Due to a lengthy stay in Milliways, she is just as likely to wear jeans and classy blouse as one of her trademark green silk gowns. Her flirtatious mannerisms and innocent brightness are an automatic for her, and usually have little relevance to her real emotions. Delia’s voice is a light, throaty one, and there is often an undercurrent of laughter to it - it's one of those husky voices that do bad, bad things to the libido . When she sings, her voice is high and sweet.

Delia is, according to some people’s reports, a cold-hearted, ruthless and manipulative bitch. These reports are true: she is that and, deep down, she always will be. She is also fully capable of being genuinely sweet, caring, and sometimes fiercely protective as well as being quite the flippant little tease. None of these sides are more true then the other – all are Delia. It’s just that the sweet flirt is also there to make people underestimate the rather intelligent, ambitious young woman that she is underneath. A mask, so to speak, but a mask that everyone believes. Delia is also now dead, killed by her own hand after her trial and sentence of life in prison. She talked the gods into letting her stay at Milliways until the time she was supposed to die, and subconsciously views Milliways as a prison, albeit a more entertaining one then her cell. She is chronically bored, very unstable, restless, impulsive, insecure, promiscuous, loyal, and occasionally brave and selfless just to ruin the image completely.

And, no matter what she says, she is still very much addicted to Roger's company.

Disclaimer: The character Delia of Eldorne belongs to Tamora Pierce, and I do not intend to infringe on any copyright, and this journal is just for fun. Don't shoot the person behind the curtain. The PB is Eva Green, who is her own lovely self.

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