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Delia is freezing shivering shaking, rubbing her arms and huddled in her bed in the corner trying to keep warm trying to get warm run her nails across her arms try to get the creeping silent cold out of her bones cold so cold.

Delia is a soul a ghost a no not a corpse body in the tomb what does it look like rotting decomposing her skin her hair dry gone how long to bones how long to dust how long how long can't move can't change cut hair grows back scratch scar bleed soul's don't bleed yes they do because souls are dead.

And Delia is asleep dreaming whimpering no no can't sleep mustn't sleep nightmares will come screaming choking dying again nightmares Mama bleeding can't find Lerant Jem Papa I'm sorry please ROGER Thom and Josie and Alex so much blood from her hands from her lying silky words from her lips can't breath choking on it

can't breathe

fingers pulling at the rope breaking nails and can't breathe can't breathe world sliding away

fall to the ground cold, tiles smooth and old and worn with footsteps long, long since dead. Crouches on the ground, silken absinthe skirts cold as old wealth and skin like the death – green eyes wide and bright and dull and red. The darkness is large and vast and cramped and suffocating and

she's been here before. Fragile girl dead girl year ago not quite wordsblood choke in her throat shakes her head

Delia of Eldorne hand extended belongs to those word no promises or pleas just a whispered 'yes' as she gets to her feet and takes her Lord's hand and walks into the dark
in the Realms of the Dead.


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