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(green is for envy)

Envy, jealousy, all these things Delia knows well. Dancing in Eldorne green with the boys of court, a heartless flirt who never ever thought of the hearts she broke, she watched the weddings and romances with green (envious) eyes and she had shrugged and laughed and turned to the blue-eyed Duke.

But she does not think of him as she sits in front of the mirror.

(mirror, mirror, on the wall)

(she's always hated mirrors. She would look into her eyes and see nothing but green, just green and white and black. To those who said that they could see their soul, she just flicked those green (envious) eyes in their direction and shrugged and laughed)

(who is the fairest one of all)

Delicate and lovely, the young (dead) Lady of Eldorne sits in front of the mirror and brushes her chestnut hair so that it shines. And as she brushes, she thinks. Oh, yes, she can think. Thinking is not the problem, it's feeling. But think and you label things, and sometimes they lose their power and others not.

Label an emotion, let's pick one.

Love. She loves Roger like an addiction; Alex as a friend; Josie as a lover; Thom as

she doesn't lie awake and dream of what could be, doesn't dream of his hands or eyes because they are Thom's and belong to a sharp, sharp mind that cuts and just...no, not for him those dreams and thoughts, not really

something she doesn't know. Doesn't matter, just a label for an emotion that she is realistic enough not to dream about. It changes nothing she told his furious, jealous (green for envy, yellow for jealousy) sister-twin. And, it doesn't. Label something and it can gain power, it can lose it, or it can say the same. It's a reassurance, that is all.

After all, she never fucks up the ones who don't love her back.


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